Poverty in canada


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Do you see headlines such as


             “39 per cent believe they're pay cheques from poverty”


             “Majority want leadership on poverty”, or


             “Rich Canadians getting richer, poor making less” or


             “Canada’s poverty and inequality rates now higher than in most developed

               countries” or


             “Income gap widens between Canada’s rich and poor” or


             “Poverty inequality rates jump in Canada” or “A measure of poverty”, and so on?


……………really, poverty in Canada, a rich country?




Change the focus to health care and, alongside general health issues,

do you see news items such as


             “Report finds poor more likely to be hospitalized”,


             “Poor Canadians more prone to physical, mental ailments”, or simply


             “Poor more likely to end up in hospital?” 


So where did the word poverty spring  from when talking about health care?


................in a G7 country, one of the richest in the world?