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From the Author’s perspective, here are some tips about the structure of this book.

Born into Canada

The first five chapters are an account of my journey to Canada, the golden dawn of any new immigrant’s dream. The prologue and chapters 1 to 4 are my first years in Canada, from forming my Canadian identity, adopting my new home, growing into it and then on to embracing it whole heartedly. It is a love affair that attracts any new immigrant; to love their new home but to also get in touch with the realities of life in Canada.

‘O Canada’, The ‘Canada’ Dream, Coming to Canada and A Canadian Conscience are these chapters of discovery.


Some Ugly Canadian Issues

As in life, every Canadian is faced with issues that reflect the eternal struggle, the good and the bad. Whether one acknowledges them or not, they affect us, everyone single one of us Canadians, directly and indirectly.

Do you care about these issues or are you in tune with them to know that many Canadians suffer due to these social injustices. Chapters 5 to 11 delve into issues like poverty, child poverty, First Nations, education, crime, sports and our sense of achievement and the hot issue of global warming. Each of these issues affects us deeply and these chapters aim to invite you, fellow Canadians, to give it a thought.


A New Canada

This section filled with personal anecdotes is my dream of what Canada should be and where we should be headed. As in any democracy, Politicians take centre stage in moving the country ahead, whether it is new laws, taxes, green technologies or a myriad of other issues. So do they really serve us as we would expect them to? How do you perceive the future? Can we think anew and create a new Canada, one that moves from being good to being the best.

Chapters 12 to 17, invite us to look ahead and create a brand new society. One built upon the current good.  ‘The Great Political Divide’ and That Government in Ottawa’ look for renewed connections between us, our politicians and the issues that matter. ‘A Higher Calling’, ‘My Canada’ and ‘Brighter Red: A New Tomorrow’ are the author’s invitation to you to look through a new lens into a new Canada, one that cares for all Canadians and looks to definitively move beyond the current ills that afflict us.


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